BATOCA Dual Action Polisher, 6 Inches and 700w Random Orbital Car Buffer Polisher, 6 Variable Speed DA Polisher with Foam/Wool Pads, Polish Bonnet, Microfiber Towels for Waxing,Buffing,Polishing

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Product Description

dual action polisherdual action polisher

BATOCA – CAR CARE MADE EASY – An ideal choice for professional detailers and enthusiasts

If you are looking for a high performance, easy to use polishing machine. This 6 inches dual action polisher is your ideal choice. It offers swirl-free polishing action with 6 variable-speed dial that operates at 1000-3800 orbits per minute (OPM). It allowing users to adjust polisher speed according to different applications. Perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles, reappearing the shine of your car.

Get your car shiny in time for comming spring.

dual action polisherdual action polisher

dual action polisherdual action polisher

About BATOCA :

We have been committed to develop the auto detailing by meeting the demands of customers. Under the pursuit of accuracy and high technical capabilities, we have achieved by through trial and error more than 50 years. At BATOCA, we focus on the career of car decoration and cleaning. We aim to manufacture the best products that inspire our consumers to live a more convenient, secure lifestyle. Our professional polishing tools meet the professional needs of customers.

Do you need to polish your car, furniture or flooring and restore its gorgeous luster?

Our BATOCA powerful, durable and easy to operate random orbital da polisher is the ideal choice for you. Whether you are a newbie, hobbyist or a professional, anyone can use the orbital polisher efficiently and quickly!

Dual action rondom polishers are fairly easy to use- its unusual motion ensures a swirl-free and burn-absent buffing result, deliever better performance than ordinary polishers or rotary machines.

Rating Voltage: 110V, 50Hz

Rating Power: 700W

Power cord: 9.8ft (3m)

Orbit: 21mm

No-load speed: 1000-3800 opm

Including Side Handle& D Handle and two carbon brush



polish pad

polish pad

polishing pad

polishing pad

polish on motorcycle

Easy to deal for sanding, polishing and waxing for motorcycle.

polish pad using guide

There are three different colors representing different cutting forces: Color: Jujube Function: remove deep scratches, over spray, severe swirl marks, and heavy oxidation when used with heavy polishing compounds. Color: Yellow Function: has moderate cutting action that will remove 1500/2000# sand scratches, over spray, and surface imperfections when used with polishing compounds. Color: Black Function: very light cleaning action for removal of ultra-fine swirl marks, car wash scratches, and hazing, leaving a swirl-free gloss finish when used with finishing polishes.

Professional Accessories

The orange wave pads are pattern adds to the friction.The cutting force of the wave pads are greater than that of the flat pad. And the wave pad dissipates heat.

da polisher

da polisher

buffer polisher

buffer polisher

polisher bag

polisher bag

Ergonomic design

Polishing tool to provide maximum results with minimal work


Dual action random orbital motion for optimal movement to achieve a swirl-free finish; Long throw orbit makes the force evener and the polishing area larger, suitable for all sensitive surfaces and novices

Before and after use

You can definitely see how your car shines after use

da polisherda polisher

What’s in box:

packing listpacking list

No Load Speed & Multi-purpose Use: 6-speed variable spped control dial allows you to adjust the car polisher speed according to different applications; Easily adjust your speed without stopping from 1000- 3800 OPM. Ideal for cars, boats, motorcycles, marble, and floors. Low speed for waxing and buffing; Medium speed for polishing and cleaning while high speed for removing paint defects and oxidation.
Efficient Polishing & Suitable for Beginners: Are you worried about whether you can finish the polish job perfectly? Throw away the concerns. The eccentric shaft design of our dual action polisher, the use of eccentric vibration polishing, wax is deeply absorbed by the car paint, polishing efficiency is high and the power is strong. Beginners on the hand fast, and will not hurt the car paint.
Long-life Motor & Constant Power Supply: Pure copper wire with high quality motor, durable and strong power. Built-in carbon brush structure safety, long service life, will not encounter the orbital buffer or polishing machine doesn’t work half the work. Perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and defects from all painted vehicles, make your car look brand new everyday.
Unique Design & Ergonomic Design: BATOCA professional design team is dedicated to creating something new and different car buffers and polishers. Unlike regular buffer polisher, a green chameleon encircles the body of our BATOCA DA polisher. It is unprecedented cool and helps to make your car cool and shiny. Comfortable front grip, curved body sense handle is not easy to fatigue, more accurate operation.
Professional & Complete Accessories: Are you fretted about buying a polishing machine and then having to buy other parts of the polishing process? Come with 13pcs 6-inch types of foam pad, 3 wool pad, 1 fine wool pad, and some of different materials of polishing bonnet, 2 super microfiber towels for cleaning. 1 pair of polish gloves, 1 polish tool bag, 2 carbon brush for periodic replacement about 6 months.

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